Tuesday, 11 October 2011

pOP Bottles 2011

You got to love hot summer day, Capetonians are living life fashionable these days take a look at the recently held pOP Bottles party. I'm speechless:

Feast your eyes on the fashion

Loving the stripe with the red heel and classic ripped jeans and romantic layer top.
dnt forget the shades

not quite sure about this one

my dawgs doin it like they do for TV.. love the white on white + layering ur neck candy
red lips orange lips make Ur choice. seems like curlie hair is back mmmmmmm.

OK correct me if I'm wrong but the yellow+turq
+yellow outfit is a bit tooooo much, just saying.
theses gals opted for sandals clever choice.

nice healthy hair

not to be rude but the braids need to go its time.o just refresh the front bit. if u running on a low budget. love u doll face

i like it works for her

time to refresh the lips pout here i come

a bit out there but i like

nothing special

peace to u too sweety

trend alert: animal print

curves and all

gossip girl xoxo. looking nice ladies but did u really have to all wear a head gear trend next time plan Ur outfits well, but u look good

mmmmmmm not sure. maybe if i took the dress in a bit

leather i like, just be careful its not to hot out

love the maxi skirt trend i think i need to buy me one, and the shoes awsome

skin on skin, show those legs gals only wen its hot outside

  say cheese

love the shades and the beauty spot

bling bling money ain't a thing

love the head gear it works with the weave

i like but the one in the middle could have tried harder

 a bit showie but the shiny legging trend can work for some

its all about denim babe and cropped tops

classy ladies


After looking at all the pics its clear to see COLOUR ruled the day, keep it up gals
Love Peace and Hot girls Xoxo...
Pics from On-Air Entertainment photography /facebook page

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