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youth slanguage: emerging phrases

A breakdown of the key slang gaining popularity with the youth, including the origins, evolution, meaning and usage of important terms. 

Shine bright

Origin: adopted from Rihanna's single Diamonds from her 2012 album Unapologetic. The chorus lyrics state: "shine bright like a diamond"

Meaning & usage: motto; to allow one's inner-self or "light" to shine freely, to be proud of oneself



Origin: first used in 2007 within IRC networks as a means to label and file topics online, then similarly implemented and popularised by Twitter. In 2012, people began using in speech

Meaning & usage: to provide social commentary, eg, "hashtag epic fail", "hashtag cute outfit"



Origin: originated through Myspace in 2003 and continues in popularity with the rise of personal style bloggers, Instagram (2010) and Snapchat (2012)

Meaning & usage: to take a photo of oneself, sometimes using a mirror, and post via social networking. Underlying connotations of vanity and/or satire; eg, "Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies"


Throwback Thursday (TBT)/ Flashback Friday (FBF)/ Wayback Wednesday (WBW)

Origin: began with #Throwback Thursday and expanded into #Flashback Friday and #Wayback Wednesday on Instagram in 2011

Meaning & usage: on a given day, Instagram users post childhood or past photos of themselves with the relevant hashtag, eg, "I'm using my baby photo for Throwback Thursday"


Origin: the term goes back as far as 2006, originating from a term reserved for a sexually promiscuous woman of ill repute and evolving slightly in 2012

Meaning & usage: description for a woman from an urban city who holds herself in high regard, an assertion which may be without merit, eg, "She thinks she's such a diva but she's actually ratchet"


Twerk, werk

Origin: coined by Dirty South rappers in the 1990s, the term has seen a resurgence in social networking apps including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This has given rise to a type of dancing centred on rhythmic gyrating of the hips

Meaning & usage: to successfully work it with style and ease, eg, "That girl is twerkin' it on the dance floor"


We out here

Origin: attributed to professional skateboarder Larry Redmon of San Francisco who used it to describe the hard work and consistent practice that goes into honing a skill

Meaning & use: motto; to describe hard work, hustling and being on one's game


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Weekend style

Hassan Hajjaj's rockstar portraits (via Shantrelle) -


from Kenya on One Fine Thread -

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The.F.word: Mercedes Benz Fashion week 2013

The.F.word: Mercedes Benz Fashion week 2013: "I am proud to announce i will be showing at this event!!!! yay me!! vein..i know but im soooooooooooooooo stoked...hopefully il be..." pUMEZA mKHONZA (me Mate)

Check out her blog:

Essential womenswear looks: LOVING****

pretty pop grunge is a commercial story that incorporates grungy pastels, gothic crosses, studs, inverted crosses, yin yang symbols and cute, macabre graphics. The trend extends the Solstice Siren and Rainbow Riot Girl looks of previous seasons.



My style is a mash up of 90s grunge meets Clueless and The Craft, mixed with Courtney Love and Barbie."
Laura Chatterton, London


the rock pin-up look is strong and feminine, with a nod to the glamour of 1950s Vargas girls. Popular for festival season, think slashed black denim, body-con lace, biker jackets and leopard print.




My style is glam rock, glam noir. Blonde hair, black clothes, red or orange lipstick."
Priscilla Rabena, Paris


the tribal trend continues to evolve for the youth market. Tribal influences and Aztec monochrome patterning meet rave styling with a pop of neon for an Ibiza-inspired clubland look. Body-con bralettes, disco hotpants and panelled leggings are all key.