Monday, 10 October 2011

My Range: Swift

This is a range i did when i was doing my btech degree in fashion design and will be showing it at the Rusternburg Annual Fashion show on the 28 Oct. 2011. here's a bit of what it is and what inspired me:

Swift signature’s style categorizes throughout a mix of colours and trims on slightly edgy silhouettes which are combined with interesting style lines that portray a sporty look. It will consist of panelled leggings; striped tops that will be binded in contrast colours, longer length hoodies that will consist of a number of colours and long flowy skirts. The colour scheme will be black and white stripes, grey and white stripes, a colour that blends lime green and yellow, light grey melange, a dark grey and white. To achieve the sport feel, I made use of knitted fabrics of cotton and viscose lycra. All fabrics were sourced locally.

Love Peace and Swift Xoxo

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