Sunday, 22 February 2015

Inspired Home Working Desk Ideas

Okay starting today, if you're on board, we're going on a grand adventure together because things are going to start to change around here. It's time you know the real me. i promise to blog more about things i love but please do understand I'm not good in writing so i let the pictures tell the story and today I've had an idea to start a home work desk, hoping this will motivate me to blog more.

All of us agree that home is that one place where we rewind/ unwind ourselves from a hard day’s work. But what if like me you love working at home? Yes, a major chunk of today’s generation likes to keep it cool and homely. Instead of working the conventional nine to five shift, they believe in working at their terms and in their own time e.g. bloggers. So I decided i need a home office/ desk / working space.

My aim is to have this section of my apartment up and ready by end of April. Check out these ideas i love:

All pictures sourced from MY PINTEREST 
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This year I'm planning on going on photography classes, so if any of you have suggestions on where to go do share.

till the next post.

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