Tuesday, 2 July 2013

here we go again: Honcho party Che T

Nice shirt guy

rocking camo well dude

did this one really have to wear those sad looking chains

totally agree with this guys sweat top

is it just me or does this guy look like he's dressed for church? just asking

shame shame shame girl did you not know ur tummy has ugly scars or is it hair mmmm? y didnt ur friend give u a heads up, sies man

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOOOOOOR

no comments

yho yho yho the curls yho yho yho yho yho y mara

party time

camo fever but i like

not this girl again "scar t" "hairy t"

oh well its clear that these two followed the camera man whole night

red lips: so 1999 but nude the other hand so 2013

im lost for words, just tooo sad


dope rings

popular wacth: check
massive tat: check
bling bling: check
on the brain bun: check
look now im with the cool kids

really, y do u do this to urslf

shame man this girl

cute girls

lol the Bennie

stay fresh make money

cute hearts

 and then

mmm il have a glass or two


is that one guy coz his pose says alot and two chains you killing it, not sure abt tongue out

wat was mandela's son doin there lol

looks like the gym is calling smeone, y red

shame the girls dress sense at this party wayyy to sad

tooo sad

yep, cant miss it for the world, Bennie galore

first person who really is rockin this Bennie trend ( girl i wanna know who you are lovvve ur eyes and hair) oh n the nose ring works

old braids are not sexy nor are they trending

for coloured girls lol

camo again

uniform ( i wanna look like the girl in the poster)

mmmmm ok kinda works

a trend is not for everyone

not trending girls ur beanies dd not make the cut

nice jersey

dnt get girls who give birth n still wanna wear crop tops, myb its just me
n girls who walk around with old ass braids

yho how many ppl had the Bennie trend going at this party

and him

and here is a lady nice clean and tidy

 the curls return lol ( wen ur burn is fighting with ur real hair)

chomi we r there sana. im sure that was wat they said to each other the week b4 this party

yet another lady nice clean tidy, oh and brother man trending leather

 was it that cold inside Che T , SCARF VIBES LOL




beyond sad



and moooorrre beanies

and then this one not sure

lol is that an Alice band


and more

all comments are my point of view hoping they will not harm any wanna be fashionistas

all pics are from the head honcho facebook page if you wanna see mooooore

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