Monday, 17 September 2012

here we go again: stay fresh party, my views

Lets take a look at who wore what:

not sure abt these twoo

like this outfit but it seems her belt is way to tight

i dd go to sign language classes so i dnt get what his trying to say

love the studs on trend

three blind mice

this pic is tooo cute

yhu i wonder whoz man this is i feel sorry for tht shirt its been raped

mmmm ur outfit is not looking ayoba gal

yho nigga is not looking cute no more

these two are out there big time

ok let me understand dd she buy two different colour weaves then made as if its ombre not cool doll face but shame it works for u

whoz father is tht

blame it on the Belvedere

is she not wearing a bra

can anyone say GAY just saying or is homies over hoes lol

say cheese

bling bling money aint  a thing

if you dnt have round shades u aint shit

ok frnd imma wear all the trends just to sure im on trend im sure this is what she said to her frnds when she chose this outfit



things we do for fashion like really this gal had to wear a bra


no no no gal no

this guy is at the wrong party he looks like the Cubana type

this one to not wear a bra coz its not looking cute at all

yhe u nigga

ok guys in summer pls could u shave/remove ur underarm hair it aint sexy at all

nah gal not feeling ur look

destiny'S CHILD LOL

Siku no this look is confusing me plz explain urself

ddnt he knw the shape thts trending is round

i like this look for her

red lips so two years ago

nice hair

ok this gal shame whre do i start firstly shame u know what let me not even do this all i can say is ur looks is not working next time when u put an outfit together visit fashion blogs o even look at magazines cos ryt nw she loos like she borrowed diffrnt items frm diffrnt frnds n put them togther

destiny's child meets backstreet boys

no sweety its not working

sexual saduction

love ur cateye shade sandi

pls dnt give this gal a hug

do ppl still have belly ring in 2012

y must everyone walk around with a camera

Pics from head honcho facebook and mannequine blog

love peace and see u at pop bottles


  1. hahahaha your comments made my day

  2. pleasure dear watch out for the pop bottles post