Friday, 6 July 2012

my life in pictures: varsity day

How i miss my tech days, no care in the world well not really we did have deadlines and things like that but if i could i would be a student foreva but hey one has to grow up sme time. these are a few pics from my tech days:

my two besties Lester and Chanel market day

myself and Chantal : market day

at chanel's 21st bday party with Miko

myself and one of my fav lecturers Jas: market day

Chanel and i : world cup 2010 at Chrome. one night i wanna forget lol

yho my short look a bit too short anywho still at the market day with Nayra Lester and Chanel

looking sexy lol at my graduation

another one of my besties Passe at our fav hang out spot Cubs

all gagafied: at the lady gaga dress party: loved it

must do this hair style soon

modell wanna be, back when i was a size 0

at Mr Pigwicks on mine an Miko's bday

u dny want to know whre this pic was taken unless u went to CPUT im sure u will reconise it lol. yellow doors (clue)

i love this pic

fun times


on our way to Mercury. loved tht place

I enjoyed being a student all the crazy nights before deadline then party party party.

I miss all my friends wish all their dreams come true and hope to see them soon oh Nayra we coming to u in December.

Love Peace and Fashion

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