Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Kardashians' Reign May Be Ending ... Finally

There's good news for the haters. It looks like the Kardashians' brush with fame may finally be ending. With promoters saying the brand is "tarnishing" and The New York Post reporting that anything featuring the family is turning "absolutely toxic," things are not looking good for this reality star-studded family.
So it may be back to reality for the Kardashians. Back to the reality that was theirs before they became divas of reality television, that is. It seems people no longer care to have an inside look at these people's lives. In fact, there are those who admit they would be willing to pay high sums of money to keep that family away from their business. One nightclub owner even put a $600,000 price tag on that sentiment.
There's also been a "Boycott Kardashians Petition" that has been extremely popular online. As of November 25, 2011 the number of people was had signed this request to E! begging the network to take the show off the air was up to 165,000.
It seems that the people have spoken. The public doesn't want this family to continue polluting the airwaves simply because they are "The Kardashians." Perhaps, now that promoters and business owners are jumping on the bandwagon, this reality will come to pass. That is, this reality show will finally pass away into that realm of television marked "canceled."
Over the past decade, and really since the advent of reality television, there's been a plethora of people who have become famous for being famous. Sure, these people get by with claiming titles like "television personality" and sometimes even "actress". And they put out fragrances, and make appearances, and fight tooth and nail to keep their names in the headlines.
But if the reign of the Kardashians is coming to an end, unfortunately, there's likely to be someone else to take their places. For some reason, people can't get enough of uber-wealthy divas who otherwise are "just like us."
In reality, most of us can't relate to wearing earrings that cost nearly a hundred grand, or planning out the details of how a fiancée should propose. Most everyday people don't publicize every detail of their private lives, and most mothers don't advocate their children as a "brand."
However, those reality stars who must return to earth often find themselves alone and out at sea. Like Kate Gosselin, for example, who can't seem to understand why people aren't coming out in droves to learn from "the professional herself" on a celebrity cruise.
And so the good news for fans of the Kardashians is this: If the "brand" continues to flounder, perhaps there will be opportunities to "learn from these professionals" on an under booked cruise someday. Maybe the theme can be fishing. A good name might be "Flounder with the Kardashians."

Shame all's well that ends well

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