Friday, 4 November 2011

Day and Nyt Party

The Day and Nyt Party was recently held somewhere in Camps Bay, lets take a look at who was with who wearing and doing what: oh n all pics thanks to

As always Miss Zuzzy'S WEAVE IS ON POINT I wonder y she doesn't take her friend along when she gets her weave did coz its a bit dry looking :  just saying (much love sweety)

this pic is a bit odd looking. not sure

I know that girls are rocking the head gear trend, now guys too. Mmmmm

Say cheese. It seems everyone wants to be like Mandoza: wearing shades inside the club. Can someone  plsss tell me how these ppl can see

what do u get wen u put together two dry looking weaves?

this nigga b sweating all nyt long. maybe he should unbutton his jacket


hey Miss B are u OK there love the hair, this dude HAS A NICE SMILE


Hope Miss Z uzzy doesn't mind this closeness coz if that guy was mine god help me. lol


XOXO nice colours

Yho chomie lets wear those tops of ours the ones with the shoulder detail. and then black skirts. we gonna look hot. I'm sure this was the conversation between these two wen they chose their outfits

can anyone say 100% synthetic(plastic)

nothing special

It seems the cleavage got to much and she had to close the top button.

Love Peace & Fashion Xoxo

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