Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Up and Coming: Miss Pumeza Mkhonza: ‘Make fashion not war’

Pumeza Mkhonza…."I'm a Cape Town based fashion designer who’s had a very big year..Yep….my dreams have been coming true slowly but surely and I want to take u with me on this trip…I’m a 21 year old varsity student and die hard fashion addict. Yes addict. Addiction because I’d probably miss my own wedding to attend Milan fashion week…"(

Pumeza is a very good friend, she was chosen from a list of students to take part in the Africa Fashion International Fastrack Graduate Show, which was held recently in CapeTown. A brilingt initiative by AFI to Fastrack a group of designers into the fashion industry I wish her all the best and please do contact her if you would like any of these outfit's made for you. e-mail: or check her awesome blog

And the lady herself Pumeza Mkhonza in one of her own designs

Love Peace and Fashion Xoxo

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